The Formation World Tour is Beyoncé's seventh concert tour, launched in 2016 to promote her sixth studio album Lemonade, released 23 April, 2016. The tour was announced following Beyoncé's performance at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, with all the shows performed in stadiums; the title of the tour comes from the lead single off Lemonade, "Formation".


Immediately after her performance at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show on February 7, 2016, Beyoncé announced the tour, which would kick off in Miami on April 27, 2016, with pre-sales going on sale just two days after the performance on February 9, 2016.


The stage for the tour was designed by "Tait Towers"; the set included a 60 foot tall rotating cuboid with video screen walls; this mainly projected Beyoncé onto it, to allow everyone in the stadium to see her, as well as screen projection in some songs, mainly the interludes; the video cube, nicknamed the "Monolith", took 4 minutes to do a full rotation. The rotations of the box were said to represent a new chapter of the show, in a similar chapter line to that of Lemonade.

The stage also featured a runway, which doubled as a treadmill, between the main stage and the B-stage; this treadmill was also designed thje most unpredictable of weather conditions found in outdoor stadiums; the B-stage held 2,000 gallons of water which takes 10 minutes to fill up; this particular feature is used during the encore, from "Freedom" through to "Halo".

Set listEdit

This set list is obtained from opening night in Miami, on April 27, 2016, it does not represent every show.

Act I
1. "Formation"
2. "Sorry"
3. "Bow Down" / "Tom Ford"
4. "Run the World (Girls)"

Act II
5. "Superpower" (Interlude)
6. "Mine" / "Standing On the Sun"
7. "Baby Boy"
8. "Hold Up"
9. "Countdown" (with excerpts of "Pop My Trunk")
10. "Me, Myself and I"
11. "Runnin' (Lose It All)"
12. "All Night"

13. "I Care" / "Ghost" (Interlude)
14. "Don't Hurt Yourself"
15. "Ring the Alarm"
16. "Diva" (with samples of "Cut It" and "Panda")
17. "Flawless"
18. "Feeling Myself"
19. "Yoncé"

Act IV
20. "7/11"
21. "Drunk in Love"
22. "Rocket"

Act V
23. "Freakum Dress" / "Hip Hop Star" (Interlude)
24. "Daddy Lessons"
25. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"

Act VI
26. "Purple Rain" (Interlude)
27. "Crazy in Love" (Remix)
28. "Crazy in Love" (with excerpt of "Bootylicious")
29. "Naughty Girl"
30. "Party"
31. "Blow"
32. "Sweet Dreams" / "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"

33. "Die With You" / "Blue" (Interlude)
34. "Freedom"
35. "Survivor"
36. "End of Time" (with excerpt of "Grown Woman")
37. "Halo"
38. "Schoolin' Life" (Outro)

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